1Bestun100%49 Seconds
2Areen100%54 Seconds
3lana100%1 Minute and 8 Seconds
4Brwa100%1 Minute and 19 Seconds
5McDuckFace100%1 Minute and 31 Seconds
6karmend90%6 Minutes and 34 Seconds
7haval80%27 Seconds
8Mohammed80%34 Seconds
9ahmed80%34 Seconds
10rawand80%35 Seconds
11dddd80%40 Seconds
12ahmad80%50 Seconds
13lana80%51 Seconds
14govend80%52 Seconds
15nazar80%53 Seconds
16Muhammad Rauf80%57 Seconds
17kadhim aziz80%59 Seconds
18safin80%1 Minute and 1 Second
19hama king80%1 Minute and 2 Seconds
20Nawras80%1 Minute and 3 Seconds
21dlvin80%1 Minute and 4 Seconds
22twana80%1 Minute and 25 Seconds
23Arwen80%1 Minute and 33 Seconds
24Hawraz Dara80%1 Minute and 41 Seconds
25McDuckface80%1 Minute and 45 Seconds
26eslam80%1 Minute and 45 Seconds
27akar80%1 Minute and 47 Seconds
28fatima80%2 Minutes and 7 Seconds
29chra80%2 Minutes and 11 Seconds
30Shkar 80%2 Minutes and 54 Seconds
31muhamedd80%3 Minutes and 20 Seconds
32carmen amer80%4 Minutes and 28 Seconds
33Ahmed73.3%3 Minutes and 15 Seconds
34hakar70%1 Minute and 50 Seconds
35bagzad70%1 Minute and 56 Seconds
36AhmedT70%2 Minutes and 5 Seconds
37Rawa70%2 Minutes and 7 Seconds
38yousif70%2 Minutes and 13 Seconds
39mohammad70%2 Minutes and 38 Seconds
40HighWay70%2 Minutes and 38 Seconds
41khoshy70%4 Minutes and 25 Seconds
42asss60%12 Seconds
43kardo60%30 Seconds
44yahya60%38 Seconds
45Ahmed TT60%40 Seconds
46Nawras60%41 Seconds
47ngin60%42 Seconds
48kanar60%45 Seconds
49rozh60%46 Seconds
50sakar60%49 Seconds
51Raw Raw60%50 Seconds
52rozh60%51 Seconds
53prwsha60%52 Seconds
54adam60%53 Seconds
55hawzhin60%55 Seconds
56hana60%55 Seconds
57hataw60%55 Seconds
58rebin60%57 Seconds
59srwa60%58 Seconds
60muhammad60%1 Minute and 0 Seconds
61sima 60%1 Minute and 1 Second
62heshu60%1 Minute and 1 Second
63ahmed hushear60%1 Minute and 4 Seconds
64shahida60%1 Minute and 8 Seconds
65nawar60%1 Minute and 8 Seconds
66hevar60%1 Minute and 12 Seconds
67ahmed tofiq60%1 Minute and 13 Seconds
68farah60%1 Minute and 14 Seconds
69zano hawrami60%1 Minute and 19 Seconds
70eman60%1 Minute and 19 Seconds
71mohammed60%1 Minute and 20 Seconds
72shanaz m uhamad60%1 Minute and 24 Seconds
73hataw60%1 Minute and 24 Seconds
74tablo60%1 Minute and 24 Seconds
75mohamad omar60%1 Minute and 26 Seconds
76hevi60%1 Minute and 28 Seconds
77necherwan60%1 Minute and 41 Seconds
78sakar irfan60%1 Minute and 58 Seconds
79alan60%1 Minute and 58 Seconds
80bryar60%2 Minutes and 3 Seconds
81rawand60%2 Minutes and 11 Seconds
82mustafa60%2 Minutes and 32 Seconds
83muhammad rostam60%2 Minutes and 39 Seconds
84belan60%2 Minutes and 52 Seconds
85jihad60%3 Minutes and 7 Seconds
86Liven60%3 Minutes and 11 Seconds
87anjam60%3 Minutes and 40 Seconds
88karwan60%3 Minutes and 52 Seconds
89kamal yk60%4 Minutes and 5 Seconds
90alaa60%4 Minutes and 7 Seconds
91eee50%10 Seconds
92dfa50%16 Seconds
93Muhammad50%39 Seconds
94fatma50%59 Seconds
95mawkly50%1 Minute and 0 Seconds
96karzhin50%1 Minute and 11 Seconds
97dddd50%1 Minute and 26 Seconds
98barzan50%1 Minute and 30 Seconds
99nure50%2 Minutes and 1 Second
100fdwdw50%2 Minutes and 16 Seconds
101Dara50%2 Minutes and 23 Seconds
102rezhna50%2 Minutes and 28 Seconds
103jamy50%2 Minutes and 30 Seconds
104eman50%2 Minutes and 33 Seconds
105Ekhlas50%2 Minutes and 40 Seconds
106ashna50%2 Minutes and 45 Seconds
107ibrahim50%3 Minutes and 20 Seconds
108Muhammed Z50%3 Minutes and 24 Seconds
109Mawlud50%3 Minutes and 55 Seconds
110safin50%3 Minutes and 56 Seconds
111abdullah50%11 Minutes and 30 Seconds
112con cac40%11 Seconds
113karwan luqman40%14 Seconds
114omed40%25 Seconds
115rebar hatam40%26 Seconds
116ssssssssss40%26 Seconds
117Hello40%29 Seconds
118Muhammad40%29 Seconds
119aras40%30 Seconds
120cir40%35 Seconds
121Zyad40%36 Seconds
122Ranja40%37 Seconds
123AYMAN40%41 Seconds
124zheekal40%41 Seconds
125twana40%43 Seconds
126dilkhosh40%45 Seconds
127msf40%45 Seconds
128allan40%46 Seconds
129ibrahim40%46 Seconds
130shanaz40%46 Seconds
131hamo ka 40%46 Seconds
132roza40%48 Seconds
133iman40%48 Seconds
134saro jaf40%53 Seconds
135kastro40%54 Seconds
136sabah40%55 Seconds
137samir40%55 Seconds
138renas40%56 Seconds
139STONI40%58 Seconds
140Dastan40%58 Seconds
141sumaya40%58 Seconds
142imad40%1 Minute and 0 Seconds
143hama40%1 Minute and 0 Seconds
144shwan40%1 Minute and 2 Seconds
145ccc40%1 Minute and 2 Seconds
146narmeen40%1 Minute and 5 Seconds
147Danyar40%1 Minute and 5 Seconds
148bahram40%1 Minute and 7 Seconds
149bala40%1 Minute and 7 Seconds
150sakar irfan40%1 Minute and 7 Seconds
151ismahil40%1 Minute and 8 Seconds
152bryar40%1 Minute and 10 Seconds
153arwen40%1 Minute and 11 Seconds
154mustafa40%1 Minute and 12 Seconds
155abdulqader rasool40%1 Minute and 12 Seconds
156zhiada40%1 Minute and 12 Seconds
157dali40%1 Minute and 12 Seconds
158mhamad40%1 Minute and 14 Seconds
159Sasan40%1 Minute and 15 Seconds
160hawkar dara40%1 Minute and 16 Seconds
161heshw40%1 Minute and 16 Seconds
162ramazan40%1 Minute and 18 Seconds
163DANNAH40%1 Minute and 20 Seconds
164xxx40%1 Minute and 21 Seconds
165Avar40%1 Minute and 21 Seconds
166sipan40%1 Minute and 22 Seconds
167flora40%1 Minute and 24 Seconds
168eda40%1 Minute and 24 Seconds
169muhamad40%1 Minute and 27 Seconds
170omer40%1 Minute and 29 Seconds
171Rebin GraphSofter40%1 Minute and 31 Seconds
172lavan40%1 Minute and 31 Seconds
173Hawraz Dara40%1 Minute and 32 Seconds
174Ardalan40%1 Minute and 35 Seconds
175Hawraz Dara40%1 Minute and 37 Seconds
176rawand jalal hamad40%1 Minute and 38 Seconds
177Nguyen Ngoc Hai40%1 Minute and 44 Seconds
178Mohammed40%1 Minute and 52 Seconds
179zina40%1 Minute and 54 Seconds
180Dr.ali husssen 40%1 Minute and 57 Seconds
181Glpa40%2 Minutes and 12 Seconds
182zhyar40%2 Minutes and 14 Seconds
183botan40%2 Minutes and 15 Seconds
184Aza40%2 Minutes and 15 Seconds
185kardo40%2 Minutes and 20 Seconds
186helen40%2 Minutes and 57 Seconds
187harman 40%3 Minutes and 14 Seconds
188pary and jawan and ash40%3 Minutes and 15 Seconds
189rangin40%4 Minutes and 6 Seconds
190helin40%4 Minutes and 19 Seconds
191kardo40%4 Minutes and 59 Seconds
192Rawa40%5 Minutes and 25 Seconds
193Hidddd33.3%9 Seconds
194Muhammad dfskjflk33.3%1 Minute and 37 Seconds
195sdfasd30%0 Seconds
196Nguyen Ngoc Hai30%14 Seconds
197reb30%26 Seconds
198nasyaw30%28 Seconds
199teo30%56 Seconds
200najmaddin30%1 Minute and 1 Second
201bra30%1 Minute and 4 Seconds
202nihayat30%1 Minute and 9 Seconds
203hataaw30%1 Minute and 27 Seconds
204har30%1 Minute and 30 Seconds
205ahmed30%1 Minute and 37 Seconds
206kozhin30%1 Minute and 41 Seconds
207rawanhd30%1 Minute and 50 Seconds
208minas30%1 Minute and 54 Seconds
209hezha30%2 Minutes and 6 Seconds
210zhyar30%2 Minutes and 12 Seconds
211Haval Yusif30%2 Minutes and 19 Seconds
212idirs30%2 Minutes and 23 Seconds
213dyari30%2 Minutes and 28 Seconds
214aso30%2 Minutes and 34 Seconds
215bryar30%2 Minutes and 40 Seconds
216barzan30%2 Minutes and 51 Seconds
217sarah30%3 Minutes and 24 Seconds
218karwan30%3 Minutes and 28 Seconds
219ali zagros30%3 Minutes and 39 Seconds
220Mohammed30%4 Minutes and 12 Seconds
221Hello20%54 Seconds
222Ahmed20%5 Seconds
223Ahmed20%7 Seconds
224nguye20%9 Seconds
225nguyen ngoc hai20%10 Seconds
226toan20%12 Seconds
227Adbulwahab20%18 Seconds
228Sardar20%18 Seconds
229Mojammed20%19 Seconds
230azad20%21 Seconds
231chaucausucvat20%21 Seconds
232fef20%27 Seconds
233mamosta20%29 Seconds
234Muhammad20%31 Seconds
235khfjhf20%32 Seconds
236SIMON20%33 Seconds
237aras20%36 Seconds
238Ahmad20%37 Seconds
239jihad20%40 Seconds
240ibrahim20%41 Seconds
241lavo20%43 Seconds
242muhsen20%45 Seconds
243Ahmed20%49 Seconds
244Ahmed20%51 Seconds
245bahra20%51 Seconds
246Akam husen20%52 Seconds
247mawlan20%54 Seconds
248shnyar20%55 Seconds
249karmandsaefaden20%57 Seconds
250bilal nawprdani20%1 Minute and 1 Second
251ranen20%1 Minute and 4 Seconds
252Haval Yousif20%1 Minute and 7 Seconds
253farman shexane20%1 Minute and 9 Seconds
254hemn 20%1 Minute and 9 Seconds
255kewan20%1 Minute and 10 Seconds
256ardalan20%1 Minute and 11 Seconds
257Rebin GraphSofter20%1 Minute and 11 Seconds
258karzhin20%1 Minute and 14 Seconds
259akam20%1 Minute and 14 Seconds
260mustafa20%1 Minute and 14 Seconds
261sana20%1 Minute and 15 Seconds
262siver20%1 Minute and 16 Seconds
263musafa20%1 Minute and 18 Seconds
264mohammed20%1 Minute and 19 Seconds
265ari mustafa hama20%1 Minute and 19 Seconds
266saro20%1 Minute and 21 Seconds
267bryar20%1 Minute and 21 Seconds
268Azad20%1 Minute and 21 Seconds
269shahan mustafa20%1 Minute and 22 Seconds
270zhewar20%1 Minute and 26 Seconds
271sana20%1 Minute and 27 Seconds
272didar20%1 Minute and 28 Seconds
273muhamed20%1 Minute and 31 Seconds
274yousf20%1 Minute and 42 Seconds
275hemin20%1 Minute and 42 Seconds
276ahmed baderkhan20%1 Minute and 56 Seconds
277hakar20%1 Minute and 56 Seconds
278mohamed 20%1 Minute and 57 Seconds
279Dana20%1 Minute and 59 Seconds
280dler20%2 Minutes and 5 Seconds
281Hozan20%2 Minutes and 19 Seconds
282jaleel20%2 Minutes and 20 Seconds
283ATROSHI20%2 Minutes and 42 Seconds
284bashdar20%2 Minutes and 54 Seconds
285hama20%2 Minutes and 56 Seconds
286darbaz20%2 Minutes and 57 Seconds
287aland20%3 Minutes and 12 Seconds
288ABCD20%3 Minutes and 22 Seconds
289mohammed20%3 Minutes and 26 Seconds
290zina20%4 Minutes and 57 Seconds
291Herish Ali10%17 Seconds
292bryar10%55 Seconds
293zaito10%1 Minute and 54 Seconds
294Barez10%4 Minutes and 16 Seconds
295shwan10%4 Minutes and 59 Seconds
296aso0%12 Seconds
297bhgvg0%22 Seconds
298sakar0%39 Seconds
299umad0%44 Seconds
300zhyar0%47 Seconds
301rebar hatam0%49 Seconds
302muhammad0%49 Seconds
303gullan0%1 Minute and 10 Seconds
304AhMeD0%1 Minute and 11 Seconds
305fryad0%1 Minute and 19 Seconds
306jwan0%1 Minute and 22 Seconds
307parexan0%1 Minute and 32 Seconds
308qasem0%1 Minute and 34 Seconds
309ekhlas0%1 Minute and 35 Seconds
310madina0%1 Minute and 36 Seconds
311edrin hamed0%1 Minute and 38 Seconds
312abdulla0%1 Minute and 45 Seconds
313liqaa0%1 Minute and 56 Seconds
314eslam0%1 Minute and 56 Seconds
315mabast0%2 Minutes and 31 Seconds


An open-source app for testing your english level.
By Muhammad Yaseen and Ahmed Abdulla.

Special Thanks for everyone who helped us in this project.

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Link: https://github.com/encrypt0r/nergiz-quiz

What's used in this project

  • Languages: C#, PHP, SQL, XAML, HTML and CSS
  • Frameworks: .NET with WPF and Bootstrap
  • Tools: Visual Studio, GitHub, VS Code and Firefox
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