1Bestun100%49 Seconds
2Areen100%54 Seconds
3lana100%1 Minute and 8 Seconds
4Brwa100%1 Minute and 19 Seconds
5McDuckFace100%1 Minute and 31 Seconds
6karmend90%6 Minutes and 34 Seconds
7haval80%27 Seconds
8Mohammed80%34 Seconds
9ahmed80%34 Seconds
10rawand80%35 Seconds


An open-source app for testing your english level.
By Muhammad Yaseen and Ahmed Abdulla.

Special Thanks for everyone who helped us in this project.

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Link: https://github.com/encrypt0r/nergiz-quiz

What's used in this project

  • Languages: C#, PHP, SQL, XAML, HTML and CSS
  • Frameworks: .NET with WPF and Bootstrap
  • Tools: Visual Studio, GitHub, VS Code and Firefox
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